Sometimes the hardest part isn’t the business


I moved the first of February.  I had this dream:  I’ll get to Arizona, setup shop in about a week and then I can get cranking.  I’ll be able to work on the business, doing the stuff we’ve always wanted to do, while moonlighting on some Flex projects.

Life is funny.  Business is funny.  Neither really seem to care much about plans.

In the past 2 months, I’ve met and hired an attorney, moved homes twice and gone to the courthouse 3 times before settling a case with our slumlord.  That was just the life side of things.

My moonlighting didn’t really happen as quickly as I would’ve liked.  There was a learning curve, that was hampered by the fact that I was thinking a Jira assigned to me was in one area of the app, while I was being told it was in another area.  (That turned out to be a good thing though, as I learned more of the app than I would’ve if we were in sync.)  I finally got some good time to finish getting up to speed, when I did a 4 day on-site pit stop before our March event.  Once I got back home, I pulled off my first 16-hour day in a looooong time, working until like 2 am even.  The result: the project is fun but life and unforeseen business work detracted from my planned arrangement.

On the business side, our sites were hacked, so we tried everything under the sun to get them up and running.  The last ditch effort was to move off of our current cohost to another.  In addition to that, we switched from the blogger platform to the WordPress platform.  This entailed me learning how to write WP themes and converting our old themes so our customers wouldn’t notice anything.  I also had to wrap up our finances from 2008.  (One word of advice: avoid Google Checkout if you can cuz importing that data into Quickbooks is a pain in the butt.)

The one thing we did manage to do that we “wanted to do” was expand the business.  We launched 360|iDev, our iPhone/iTouch developer conference.  It was well-received by the iPhone development community.  By comparison, it was “easy” compared to the rest of what was going down in life.  Sadly, I was hedging that a potential partner was going to be coming on board.  They did…sorta, on the Friday before the show.  By then, it was too late so we never signed the contract.  The buzz I was looking for them to help gen never occurred and so we had a roughly $10K deficit.

Whether it’s life, hackers, prepping for taxes, or a partnership not coming through, you see that a bajillion things outside your control can and do affect your business.  It can be very disheartening.  From what I can tell though, it’s the norm.  LOL

Therefore, if you have a startup and are wondering if everyone’s non-biz stuff is as crazy as yours, I hope this proves it is.  Welcome to the party!  :)

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